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St. Paris Mayor

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Experience Currently Mayor of St. Paris Village Council 6 years Graham Local Board of Education, 5 years serving as president 2 years
Education Graduate Graham High School, 1967 Graduate The Ohio State University 1971 and 1980 Post graduate work, Wright State University, University of Dayton, University of Cincinnati
Th biggest problem facing St. Paris is residents lack of belief in our small village. There is so much good in town: neighbors know neighbors and are willing to help in time of need, 8 Christian based churches work together as the Federation of Churches providing a Community Food Pantry and help to those in crisis. We have a locally owned bank, outstanding public library, hardware store, furniture store, auto repair and body shops not to mention beauty shops, gas stations, barbershop, laundromat, cafe and sweet shop (with outstanding coffees,fudge and buckeyes), and a Post Office with nice clerks. Oh and we now have Mercy Health Clinic open 5 days a week and a local dentist. Our village scores high in 'walkability' and ease of travel. Yes, we have pot holes and cracked sidewalks but with time and money they will be improved. I will continue to promote and tell of the benefits of our small town. St. Paris is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.
I have 4 years experience as Mayor of St. Paris. Plus I served on St. Paris Village Council for 6 years. I have served on the Graham Local School Board of Education for 5 years serving as president 2 years. I ask questions and do my homework to prepare for meetings and explore different options when faced with a challenge. I look for win-win solutions to all problems.
St. Paris joined the Champaign County Economic Partnership while I have been Mayor. This partnership has broadened the Village exposure to business and industry looking to expand in our area. The Village is working with Old Souls Farm (cutting edge hydroponic grower) located north of town as they increase crop productions. The Village continues to work with KTH with expansion and smaller businesses like CAM Machine and Beech Manufacturing to meet their needs. The Village needs to continue working with the Logan-Union-Champaign Regional Planning commission. Currently St Paris is participating in the Champaign County Housing Study. We need to explore what we have to offer and what is needed to promote healthy growth.
If elected mayor, I will continue to promote and network with other local government officials for funding partnerships and cost sharing projects. I will continue to pursue street and sidewalk improvements, development of a multi-use path to Graham Local Schools, add playground equipment at Harmon Park, and continue to keep a local police department 24/7.
Resident of St Paris for 35 years. Active member of Our Town St. Paris Association, member Lakeland Ladies Golf League, member Coral Lanes Bowling League,Graduate of Graham High School and The Ohio State University, retired Graham Local Teacher, active in the Federation of Churches, served on Graham Local Board of Education for 5 years, served on St. Paris Village Council and currently Mayor of the Village. Plus I am the mother of two adult sons, and doting Grandmother of 5 wonderful children.
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