Voter Guide

The counties included in the voters guide for the May 7th, 2019 elections are: Montgomery, Warren, Miami, Greene, Clark, Champaign, Preble, Shelby, Darke, and Butler.

NOTE: Not all communities have issues or candidates on the ballot.

All Races

  1. Montgomery County races
    1. Dayton City Commission
  2. Montgomery County issues
    1. German Twp. cemetery levy
    2. Valley View Schools levy
    3. Harrison Twp. levy
    4. Miami Twp. police levy
    5. Washington Twp. fire levy
    6. Kettering Schools levy
    7. Oakwood Schools bond issue and levy
    8. Moraine income tax
    9. Riverside police levy
    10. Trotwood streets levy
    11. Trotwood ambulance and EMS levy
    12. Trotwood fire levy
    13. New Lebanon police levy
    14. New Lebanon fire levy
    15. Union income tax
  3. Greene County issues
    1. Spring Valley Twp. zoning issue
    2. Beavercreek Schools levy
    3. Beavercreek Schools levy
    4. Beavercreek parks levy
    5. Beavercreek streets levy
    6. Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools levy
    7. Fairborn Charter Amendment
    8. Fairborn Charter Amendment
    9. Fairborn Charter Amendment
    10. Xenia levy
    11. Jamestown police levy
  4. Warren County issues
    1. Wayne Twp. Zoning Amendment
    2. Lebanon Schools Levy
  5. Clark County races
    1. New Carlisle Council
  6. Butler County issues
    1. Ross Schools levy
  7. Miami County races
    1. Troy Mayor (Republican)
    2. Troy Council Ward 6 (Republican)
  8. Miami County issues
    1. Piqua Schools levy
    2. Tipp City Schools levy
  9. Champaign County issues
    1. Urbana income tax
    2. Champaign County Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services levy
    3. Graham Schools income tax
  10. Preble County issues
    1. Tri-County North Schools levy
    2. Tri-County North Schools levy
  11. Darke County races
    1. Greenville Law Director (Republican)
    2. Greenville City Council 4th Ward (Republican)
    3. Greenville City Council 1st Ward (Republican)
  12. Darke County issues
    1. Versailles income tax
  13. Shelby County races
    1. Sidney Municipal Judge (Republican)
  14. Shelby County issues
    1. Sidney Income Tax
    2. Fort Loramie Schools income tax
    3. Russia Schools levy
  15. Mercer County issues
    1. Parkway Schools levy
    2. St. Henry Schools levy